“I went to Texas to see what help I could offer and ended up working with these amazing people rescuing and transporting animals to a staging area in Katy, TX, run by Austin Pets Alive.

We also did many food and supply runs to areas devastated by flood waters and unable to reach out for help. At the end of my trip we helped to move the staging area in Katy, to a more permanent indoor facility in downtown Houston run by Houston Pets Alive. Their mission is to make sure “no animal is left behind”.

This picture is of me with 2 puppies we rescued in Wharton...they rode up front with me as the horse trailer we were pulling was full of big dogs!

During my trip to Houston and surrounding areas, I was incredibly lucky to come across some of the dedicated people and organizations who put tireless effort and resources toward the rescue, aid, and relief of the animals following Hurricane Harvey. I admire the incredible job they are doing, am so grateful for their dedication, and know they are in need of support.  My goal is to help generate support for the below smaller groups who make a huge difference and remind people that there is still a great need for animal and humanitarian efforts in Texas.

Houston Pets Alive-

Austin Pets Alive-

Katie's Roadside Rescue - 

Katie Roadside Rescue
PO Box 761082
San Antonio, TX 78245

My Experience with Katie’s Roadside Rescue:

Katie Boggs started her roadside rescue in San Antonio when she saw a need to get dogs off the street. She brings them in, vet checks them and houses them as long as needed. She has a heart of gold. Katie also mobilizes rescue for small animals during natural disasters. She and her team brought vehicles and a boat from San Antonio and jumped in to help.

I met Katie in one of the outskirts of Houston deeply affected by flood waters and she adopted me into her family. I had been traveling with another wonderful woman from Austin and her horse trailer transporting rescues and we all joined up into one team. Katie is one of the most incredible people I have ever met and aside from the many challenges, and losses to equipment she faced, she persevered and made things happen!

Mission Miracle K9 Rescue-


There will be a massive demand for adopting animals! I am still in contact with organizations in the area and working with them to direct funds where needed. I would be happy to answer any questions or provide any additional information regarding potential adoptions.


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