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The process of making glass allows me to communicate with and through the material during the creation of my work. Often the pieces result in a frozen moment of time that show the fluidity, clarity and beauty of the material without really showing the hand of the maker. Robert DuGrenier. glassblower, artist and designer

Established in 2010, the Vermont Glass Guild brings together Vermont artists working in glass for the purpose of mutual support and professional enrichment. This exhibit showcases the wide variety of glass art created using age-old techniques, including hot (blown glass), warm (kiln-formed), lamp (torch-worked) and cold (stained glass).

The Vermont Glass Guild ( is open to any artist working in glass in Vermont.



Hosted in our Wilson Museum and Art Gallery

Opening Reception May 21st at 5 pm


Exhibiting Artists 


Alissa Faber - Faber’s vessels display her enchantment with the process and movement of hot glass. Her interest extends to how materials behave together technically, as well as visually. She enjoys creating designs which continue to evolve beyond the cooled glass object, whether through the function of the piece or through its presentation. Faber strives to produce compelling designs that speak to the age old process of glassblowing.

Alyssa Oxley Glass - workingglass for about 15 years, Oxley produces glass sculptures with kiln-formed, cold worked and cast formed glass techniques. She currently teaches kiln forming glass classes at South End Glass at Davis Studio in Burlington and summer intensives in places like the Corning Museum of Glass Studio, Snow Farm Craft School and Oatka Glass School.

Robert Burch / Brandywine Glassworks -Robert has been working in blown glass since 1971, while maintaining a broad production line he is Increasing his focus on one-of-a-kind and commission work. His glasswork consists of vases, perfume bottles, paperweights and sculptural pieces, with his current specialty being works that incorporate veiled silver glass with delicate bubble patterns.

Robert Dugrenier - World renowned glass artist, sculptor and designer, his work has touched both traditional and experimental arenas of the glass world. He has created high-end installations for museum and architectural projects around the world. His projects include original glass chandeliers and displays for well-known hotels, jewelry stores, private homes, and gardens. He enjoys the challenge of creating glass works for novel interactions with the natural world of plants and animals.

Eric Nelson / Eye & I Glass - To create each piece of Eye and I Glass jewelry, Nelson employs an ancient glass art form known as lampworking. This style of glassblowing involves specialized torches, delicately balanced flame settings, and molten glass that is carefully worked in the artist’s hands with a minimum of additional tools

Genevieve Cole / Funktional Glassworks - Working primarily with kiln formed glass, Cole creates architectural elements such as windows, backsplashes, lighting and tile using the Fossil Vitra and Sgraffito / Frit Painting techniques. In this process, sheet glass, live plants and frit (crushed glass) are layered and melted at 1475F to capture the ephemeral colors and beauty of nature and the Vermont Landscape.

Andrew Weil / Manchester Hot Glass is a glass blowing studio & gallery open daily to the public. We are located in the beautiful historic Depot section of Manchester, Vermont. Stop in and shop our gallery, or call and book one of our popular Glassblowing classes! We offer a full line of beautiful hand blown glass & jewelry. Custom orders are our specialty, along with bridal party gifts & wedding registries.

Jordana Korsen/Hot Glass Art Center - Jordana has been an educator in hot glass since 1992. She currently teaches classes at the Corning Museum of GlassSnow Farm, The New England Craft Program, Franklin Pierce University and at her own studio HGAC. As a glassmaker and educator Jordana’s experience and well rounded approach to blowing glass lends to a comfortable, professional and inspiring hot glass experience for those with whom she works. At HGAC, aside from the process of glassblowing, we teach people how to learn, communicate, trust and take creative risks.


Jen Violette - has won numerous awards for her glass and exhibits. Her unique mixed media sculptures can be found in many fine art galleries nationwide and private collections throughout the world.Hen is an avid gardener and draws great inspirationfor her pieces from her vegetable & perennial gardens. Her timeless designs are a stunning addition to any décor.

Jim Jackson & Company - Jimcontinues to explore painting, animation and photography while seeking creative ways of bringing these media together into a personal expression of the energies of life itself. Often abstractions of figures and landscapes confronting the forces of nature are the result. Not to be fenced in by the boundaries of any one medium, he shapes canvases and experiments with painting on new materials with new techniques, even glass. The most recent works take on the idea of building and carving frames that are painted to be vital to the total composition.

Karen Deets Stained Glass - self taught stained glass and fusing artist, Deets’ hand enameled panels are inspired by nature“I am constantly considering what I might do to capture the feeling and details of the exquisite scenery all around me. Mountains have had a way of sneaking into my art for as long as I can remember. Trees have a grounding comforting feeling as well. Industrial forms are the inspiration for my abstract work – controlled, flowing and orderly. My playful side desires to express itself through fantasy and spirit faces in both subtle and obvious ways.”

David Leppla/Mad River Glass Gallery - Leppla has been blowing glass for over 25 years, and he incorporates multiple traditional glass techniques into the creation of each piece. He received his BS in Visual Art from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and his MFA in Glass from Kent State University. Professional awards include a Fulbright Award to Sweden, a Creative Glass Center of America Fellowship, and two New Jersey Council for the Arts Awards (including the distinguished artist award). Museum Collections of his work include the Renwick Gallery, New Orleans Museum of Art, Museum of American Glass, and the Musee Des Artes Decoratif.

Melanie Leppla/Mad River Glass Gallery - Melanie’s career in glassblowing has been marked by a continual exploration inspired by nature. The intricacies of the natural world are the subject of her blown and solid glass forms. Melanie has been working professionally with glass since graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in 1986. Her professional career includes shows internationally as well as across the U.S. Her work is included in the Museum of American Craft and the Museum of American Glass.

Max Lefko Everett - Having worked as a resident artist at Wheaton Arts Glass Studio (NJ) and as an instructor at both Diablo Glass (MA) and Snow Farm (MA), Max has settled in VT, working as a glass blower for Simon Pearce.“As a glassmaker I find beauty in that process, the tools, the molds and the hot glass itself. I am a collector and I am attracted to iron and steel objects because they can come into contact with the hot glass. I use these as molds in a sense although the two materials become bonded usually.”

Mary Angus / Readsboro Glassworks began working with glass at Southern Connecticut State University in 1973. After graduating in 1975, Mary set up her first studio in Branford, Connecticut with three friends from school. In 1983, Mary and her husband, fellow glass artist K. William LeQuier, moved to the small town of Readsboro in southern Vermont. Both artists share the glass studio they built in a 100 year old mill building in the village center. Mary's glass is exhibited and sold in many fine craft galleries and juried craft shows nationwide, as well as through her own studio in Readsboro.

K. William LeQuier/ Readsboro Glassworks - uniquely conveys the raw emotion of a single moment in time with each of his sculptures. The power of his work is in the quality and expression of three-dimensional sketches carved from glass. The fluid movement of the glass and the complexity of layered intersecting lines are evocative of both the harmony and the random forces found in nature.  

Matthew Donaldson / Refound Works Design Studio is an artist/farmer who wishes to bridge the gap between art and agriculture. He helps shape his environment through woodworking, glassblowing, and planting seeds. He has shown in galleries across the United States and his work has been featured as best in show at the Acock Gallery in Columbus, OH. His background includes a BFA in sculpture from Columbus College of Art and Design and he is blessed to have studied with Dawson Kellogg, a master glassblower.

Randi Solin /Solinglass - Incorporating techniques found in both classic Venetian glassblowing and the American Art Glass movement, Randi approaches her work two-dimensionally, like a painter to a canvas or a weaver using thread to create an intricate tapestry.  Her glass pieces are compositions, and, atypical to glass blowing in general, they have a “front.”  Generally the forms have an Asian influenced simplicity, which allows for her complex and painstaking coloration process to unfold.  She builds layer upon layer of color using glass in all particle sizes–powder, cane, frit, and rod–like a painter’s palette, to create original homogeneous coloration and truly one-of-a-kind work.

Matt Seasholtz - Seasholtz Glass Design - Matt’s education at Lehigh University and early work experience were as a mechanical engineer. Matt began working with glass in 1984 at Glasslight, Inc. with Joel and Candy Bless where he worked as a glassblower and contributed to product design until 2003. During the late 1980’s he began to develop his own style of work. Through the 1990’s Matt started showing his evolving work at juried craft shows throughout the northeast. In 2004 Matt moved to Vermont and built a studio to pursue his own artistic vision. Matt strives to create elegant objects with simplicity being central to his design philosophy.

Chris Sherwin /Sherwin Art Glass - Specializing in torchwork design and application, Chris uses hand-pulled canes of glass made specifically for each design and a hand-held oxy-propane torch to melt and shape the tips of the glass canes and apply them to the glass form being created. It is best described as ‘Painting with Glass.’ After the decoration is complete, all of the work is hand shaped with wet newspaper. Some of the pieces are formed into paperweights, others blown into various vessels. Design ideas come from the beauty he finds in Nature, as well as from family, friends, and studio visitors. The torch work process is intensive; all of Chris’s work is done ‘on the pipe’ and once started, a piece demands concentration and attention to detail and form through to the end; often taking up to 3 hrs. to complete one piece.

Nick Kekic / Tsuga Studios - “Glassblowing for me has become a process of taking this super hot liquid and freezing it to room temperature in a controlled, but sometimes precarious balancing act of heat, gravity, timing and human intervention in these processes. I find glass most beautiful when worked in such a way that somehow captures and eventually expresses this fluidity as a material while maximizing its unique relationship with color and light. I design my work to be decorative with clean, strong lines in form and color while most of my work is also functional as I’ve often felt most satisfied making things that are both beautiful and useful.”

Tucker Litchfield received a Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration on Art in Cross-Cultural Perspective from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His studies included a semester in Venice, Italy near the island of Murano, famous for glassmaking. He worked and studied with some of the best Glass Artists in the world over the last 20 years. Currently Tucker makes a living through his own work, assisting other glass artists, and teaching glassblowing, continually exploring artistic possibilities with glass, drawing inspiration from the ways science and nature inform each other.

Debora Coombs makes stained glass windows from a mosaic of mouth-blown colored glass. Each individual piece is hand-painted and kiln-fired several times to fuse the imagery permanently into the glass. Painted pieces are fitted between lead channels, soldered and puttied. She use brushes, tools and materials largely unchanged since Medieval times. Her stained glass has been exhibited in Europe, Asia and the USA and is held in the permanent collection of the Stained Glass Museum at Ely Cathedral in England.

Hank and Toby Schwartz create beautiful hand blown, art glass designs in the woods of Southern Vermont. They take inspiration from their magnificent surroundings, offering everything from large bowls and vases to jewelry. Nature is reflected in the organic quality of their objects which can be found in collections nationwide.

Josh Simpson - “Glass has held my attention for well over 40 years now, which is pretty amazing because for better or worse, I have interests that scatter me in a hundred directions. I am moved by the beauty of the night sky and other astronomical phenomena. Physics, cosmology, and the workings of the universe fascinate me, as do high temperature chemistry, powered flight and all things mechanical. I can become mesmerized by color, form, contrast, iridescence, tessellating patterns and complexity. Contradiction, paradox and magic lead me to experiment and often push me far outside my comfort zone.”

Stefania Urist - A native of Westport, CT, Stefania has lived in and gathered inspiration from various different locations including Brazil, Seattle, and Brooklyn. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design’s Glass Department in 2013. She has attended and created new stimulating pieces at some vibrant artist residencies including creating a portrait of her mother out of mushrooms at Elsewhere Studios in Colorado. Stefania currently lives, creates new work, and plays in Manchester, VT.

Zachary Grace brings 20 years of glass blowing experience to his craft, as well as a unique vision that treats each piece like a sculptural form. “Our goblets, vases and carafes are one of a kind. Each set of glasses is arranged so that color and shape of the vessels form a unison that is pleasing to the eye. Our fine glass ware will brighten up the table arrangement for any occasion with a touch of imagination, be it a dinner for two or a wedding celebration.”

Ed Branson - “Since 1982 glass has had a constant presence in my life. Our relationship has been enhanced and explored with some of the world’s glass masters, but predominantly my knowledge of this magic material is built on day-to-day experience and practice in my studio. This path has led me to a fairly simpleartistic approach; trust the glass, have fun, accept mistakes, study nature and search for beautiful forms and colors inherent in glass’ personality.”

Lucy Bergamini - “I continue to be as passionate about glass as science, and I am strongly influenced by forms in nature, the human body and the imagery of cell structure and DNA. Combine these with the Asian influence, Feng Shui, the acceptance and fascination of energy and its interactive dance as the spirit, and you have the elements I incorporate into each piece.”

Joseph Tracy - “My central goal and the goal of Brookside Glassworks studio is real creativity and originality in glass art. I believe the artistic potential of the medium remains underexplored. In pursuing our goals we work with rigorous craftsmanship, attend to the communicative content and architectural setting of a work, and stay in touch with our clients. We draw on our abilities, our past and our dreams, and hope not only to do the job well, but to share the pleasure and joy of the creative endeavor.”






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