Learning to Paint with No Pressure

Instructor: Marsha Savage 

09/15/17 - 09/17/17

FRI-SUN: 10AM - 4:30PM 

Tuition: $450 Members, $500 Non-members

Skill Level: All Levels 

Medium: Pastel or Oil

Supply List: Workshop Materials

This workshop will teach students painting methods, how to take the pressure out of the equation, and how to learn to love the process. It is appropriate for beginners, intermediate, advanced or professional artists. All students will receive individual attention geared to their level.

This is a studio workshop so students should bring landscape photographs (no copyrighted material, please) to work from if that is their preferred subject matter. Still lifes will also be provided.

The workshop will focus on color theory, with an equal emphasis on composition and value. Linear and aerial perspective, spatial arrangements, proportions and form, contrast, edges, shadow, reflections, and reflected light will all be addressed in demonstrations and discussions as they are instrumental in creating a believable scene or image.

There will be added emphasis on creating a plan or roadmap to work from, blocking in the darks and lights, finding the colors and developing the painting.

This workshop is about the principles of starting and working through a painting. Students are encouraged to begin many paintings and finish none! The more you start, the better and quicker you progress.


Tags: iSeptember, vPastel, wPainting/Drawing, zOil

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